Sunday, August 7, 2011

Example #2 - Publish a data portal map

We'll use the graffiti map created in Example #1 and publish it in this blog.

This example will show you how to embed a map into your own web page.  Let's say you create a map, or any other visualization, using the data portal.  You can tell your friends to go to the portal, find your view that you built, open the view, and see it.  Or, you can embed the view into your own web page.  Now your friends don't have to go find it on their own - they will see it on your web page.

Here's what we'll create, a blog entry with the map:

This is a dynamic map.  You can interact with it just as if you were using the map from Example #1.

The Results #2 entry is the working example.

Ready to watch?  Here's the link to the YouTube video.

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