Saturday, August 20, 2011

Example #7 - Publish a ManyEyes bubble chart

Let's take a look at another web site that offers visualizations.  We'll use IBM's ManyEyes to create a bubble chart showing the number of jobs in each job title in the city government.

To build this, we'll use a roll-up and a sort to get the count of each job title (ie., the number of police officers, number of firefighters, etc.), download the results to a spreadsheet, copy the ones with more than 100 people in them, paste them into ManyEyes, and have ManyEyes create the bubble chart.  Here's that visualization:

You can publish this visualization on your own web page, too.  See the Results #7 entry for an interactive example.

ManyEyes has more styles of visualizations.  Once your data set is loaded, it's easy to try others.

Ready to watch?  Here's the YouTube video


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